"You will Know the Truth and the
Truth Will Set You Free" John 8:32

Whether you believe the Bible or not, "It is written, and all
things work for the good to those who LoVe and serve the

God gets the Earth in the end, the end of tribulation I am
calling 9-11-08. Things are REALLY BAD in the Holy Lands
and pretty bad here.

The Adversary needs Phones, Faxes, Telegrams, TV,
Radio, Radar, etc...We have access to them as well but WE
have something they don't, Gods' HOLY SPIRIT. The Holy
Spirit knows our strengths and weakness' and can
communicate instantly and silently. The Holy Spirit can
coordinate with the BIG PICTURE in Full Total View free of
any fog with an Eternal Referance. God has been planning
the retaking of the Earth by Gods people since the beginning
of time. The New World Order has only been around since
1913? Na, Na, Ne, Na, Na.

The Adversary has no idea how powerful LABORS of
LOVE are.