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Dr. Rosemary L. Matich
from Northwestern where I wrote a dissertation entitled "Cinematic
from Northwestern where I wrote a dissertation entitled "Cinematic
Space/Time Theory and Phenomenology," also based on the works
of Thompson and Bordwel, Gilles DeLeuze and Merleau-Ponty. This
was the equivalent of a degree in theology, of which I have been a
student since I was 19, and the relation of space/time theory in film
and the other six arts. I am also a painter (paintings to be witnessed
on this website).
on this website).

What I would like to approach you with in this paper is how a
space/time orientation in life and Christianity was probably, not only
fundamental to early Christians and Apostles -- it is what makes an
Apostle out of a disciple - it constitutes an anointing -- in modern
times, and is also a means for combating fascism or the heresies of
intellectualism or scientism and various distortions in Christianity..
What it says is that the most fundamental definition of the human
condition is that we are in space and that we "are" time, the
intersection of which is the cross, represented in the human body;
therefore, if you accept this definition and yourself as the cross, you
are essentially accepting the pattern of the Christ and are anointed.
Add to that "Be Here Now" all the time, and you will have put yourself,
not only, into a position of access to infinity and eternity at any
moment, but into a position to exercise perfect obedience, and,
therefore, to realize your destiny within God’s plan, maybe even
perfectly the way Christ did.
So, what is it to have a space time orientation? For one thing, it
involves reducing everything to its simplest terms, and, yet, involves
making a quantum shift in perception. For instance, "you think your
mind is in your head, whereas, your mind is in space, and space is
the realm of enlightenment". Or you may be riding in a train along a
landscape; you in the train, moving, watching the landscape go by,
which also seems to be moving, with someone at the station
watching, and you with the window open; a fly flies in and buzzes
around your head, out the window and in again, and ask yourself how
he does it. Just what is that orientation? This is time or you may ask
yourself, as concerns time, what constitutes a dejavu? To be in space
means to be in the aroundness of things at all times.
What has this got to do with waging peace at war’s pace? It has got
to do with the intensification of each moment to promote diligence,
zealousness, and to be quickened much as you would be if you were
in battle where every moment counts, and in his sense of immediacy
and every moment counts, waging peace is like waging war.
Then, there is "wherever you are, there you are," but, then, why try to
escape the self. We are of an awareness that is appalled by nihilist,
which is the notion that you have to do something self destructive to
gain pleasure. What is here now is everywhere; what is not here now
is nothing. This is the key to real sanity.
That is it; that is what Christ the Jesus meant by give up everything
and follow me. He meant be in space and time, be here now (Ram
Dass, Heidegger) and be obedient to the will of God. That is why His
Apostles were out there in space and time, to practice true
Christianity and to learn to follow God’s will. Why is this important in
an age of existentialism and relativity, because it is relative. We only
know what we know where we are, but God knows everything, so
through obedience He will lead us to our end, to our destiny in
harmony with God’s plan. This way will not only lead you to your true
identity and uncover and make use of your true God given talents, but
is the way of having a calling, doing God’s works. May this be true for
each and every one of you, now and ever and unto ages of ages
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