Chapter Two
Peace and Justice
Injustice is a product of mental illness, as well as a cause.

The Mental Health Angle to Peace and Justice
n. 1.Violation of another’s rights or of what is right; lack of justice.
2. A specific unjust act; a wrong.
It’s the nature of “Victims of Injustice” to put up with a lot in order to survive. Some
“Victims of Injustice” are convinced they deserve, or are responsible for their
situation. An unjust situation will continue or get worse as long as those benefiting
from it are prospering. I’m sure “Victims of Injustice” pray, hope, wish, affirm, that the
world would care enough to send someone to help.
Job 5:16 So the poor have hope, and injustice shuts its mouth.
Injustice Myopia: n 1. An extreme focus on the cause, symptoms and cure of
2. Looking at the injustice at hand, not allowing for larger reasons.
I have “Injustice Myopia.” I am so aware of, and upset by, the injustices in the world,
that I may go crazy with depression and anger unless I take the cure. The cure is to
Wage Peace and Justice. Working to make the world more just, reduces feelings of
powerlessness and creates a more just world. Carrying out these activities in the
company of like-minded people builds friendships, networks and communities.
Feeling empowered, living in a more just world gives the confidence that peace is
possible. Working for personal peace and world peace is the healthiest part of all
Mathew 5:6 God blesses those who are hungry and thirsty for justice, for they will
receive it in full.
Injustice Euphoria: n 1. A feeling of well being created by, an unjust situation.
2. Feeling righteous inappropriate to one’s life situation.
3. A sense of fair play that is groundless.
“Injustice Euphoria” is a sort of dreamland where an unjust situation is the only
solution. Rationalizing Gods approval is only natural when an unjust situation looks
like the only solution. Supporting the victims of injustice is likened to supporting the
people God does not favor. Mathew 5:6 from the NEW testament Clearly states,
God Blesses those who are hungry and thirsty for justice, for they will receive it in
Being responsible for another’s unhappiness (Through commission or omission)
bears down on the “Injustice Euphoria” perpetrators heart, and can lead to a very
hard heart. Hard hearted “Injustice Euphoria” perpetrators have been known to
rationalize almost anything, to maintain and raise their comfort and security.
.  “Injustice Euphoria” can be as evil as arranging murders or as commonplace as
paying as little as possible.
“Injustice Euphoria” allows people to sleep while being responsible for others misery
(Through commission or omission). If sleep continues for a lifetime, the result is a
doghouse in heaven or no heaven at all. The treatment for “Injustice Euphoria” is, to
repent and work for a just world as hard as the unjust world was formerly supported.
People with “Injustice Myopia” can be helpful in this pursuit.
Acute Injustice Euphoria: Leaves the perpetrator unable to appreciate the misery
they create, while pursuing their goal. (See how ya are?)
Injustice Euphoria Stupor: Can bring on a clouded view of reality, causing the
perpetrator to make poorer decisions of greater injustice. (Giving them enough rope)
Habakkuk 2:12 Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed and founds a town with
Peace General, Bruce T Duncanson

We Inherited the Earth from our Ancestors
We are Borrowing it from our Children
We got here from where our ancestors left us or set us up.  We are leaving what we
didn’t need or thought our children would like to have.  People with plenty of money
leave for their children and grandchildren.  Governments are created by the people,
for the people and it has taken a while for the legacy of feudal society to be broken.  
Taking as much as we can, for as long as we can, dammed be the fortune of
anyone who stands in the way.  There is something to be said for survival of the
fittest but many have made it from surviving, too comfortable, too well off, too very
well off, too extremely well off, too filthy rich, too so rich they could change the
world.  The poor on the planet hearken back to a day when kings had absolute
authority in all matters.  All Kingdoms were an authoritarian affair with bits and
pieces trusted to thugs at the local level. Rules were spelled out, so there were no
mistakes when swift “justice?” was carried out.  People were kept at task without
interference for the many long stretches of a Sovereign.  Our grasp of the material
world was facilitated by brains being free to think of making things better, instead of
just surviving.  Making things deluxe rather than just adequate.  We owe a lot to the
notion of get all ya can and damned be the consequences.
I think it’s time to rethink the premise that the Earth is limitless and the poor got that
way on their own.  They were helped there, by every person who traded a minute’s
labor for a day’s labor.  The people growing the wheat give direct sustenance to the
people buying that grain and making money on it as a bulk commodity.  It is truly
amazing that the world is in as good of a condition as it is, with all the waste,
profiteering and out right criminal behavior.  We are sustaining a whole boat load of
people on this planet and we are expected to continue growing fast.  We could do
well to turn to an economy where “Newman’s own” business models are at the
financial reins of our world market.  A slow, deliberate transition to a more practical,
equitable and sustainable world to hand over to our children could be just what the
doctor ordered.  To do it over night would hurt many people we would like to give a
hand up to.  If third world people suddenly lost a market for the trinkets and
necessities we buy they will be off the land and unemployed.  They have left the
land like the American farmers, looking for an easier more rewarding life.  We
bought and sold till we were well off enough to sub out the very jobs that built our
wealth in the first place.  Our high tech industries keep us afloat for now but I am not
sure we need enough of those products to buy our future.  We have secured a
place of leadership in the world that must be looked at responsibly, with hope and
It is my hope through healing the mentally ill we will increase our chances of
survival.  Many of the mentally ill who get healed may be sensitive gifted individuals
who will lift the human condition by their participation.  As we help them, we learn
about life and ourselves and so add value to our lives.  If we can provide
relationships that are both casual and serious as all get out, the ill will, with
coaching, training and fun forget about why they don’t fit in.  I think the gratitude,
loyalty and freedom to breathe, will return to the Peace Army and society in general
in ways that are locked up in some poor lost persons mind wanting to express itself.  
Some beautiful ideas or acts all over the place at random and planned intervals
would lead to more mental health and stability for all concerned.  A legacy of
support people for peoples minds sake that requires an even higher comfort in the
world in order to share it.  A comfort with a modest ceiling for luxuries but enough to
enjoy the "Finer Things” in life.  Some will even be given the job of acquainting folk
with those “Finer Things” to help soothe years of neglect, want and or abuse.  
Vacations will be in order when people are ready to celebrate “The Good Life” for a
change.  Rewards do tend to take the sting out of an ordeal in a tangible way.  
Maybe a wealthy person will go through our training and make a job out of seeing
the country and the world with the mentally ill success stories.  The success stories
will spread an innocence to being in control of their life, that will naturally enrich the
part of people that craves the wonder of something new and yet, familiar.  An
unexplored world that a group of people made available to another, out of the
goodness of their heart and will of their mind.      

Peace and Justice
Waging Peace and Justice, really is a noble deed,
It needs to be done tactfully, and without any greed.
In helping out the helpless or the folks who are oppressed,
One needs to keep perspective or they could get real distressed.
The Peace of Christ for patience, helps to keep you keeping on,
The next right thing is all you need, and sing a simple song.
It’s tough making things better, others like the way things are,
Oppressors like their money, like to drive their fancy car.
They’re locked into a system, keeping others down for cash,
Watching children die, and they don’t even bat a lash.
They know supplies are limited, they want to be set for life,
Somehow they get to sleep at night, creating all that strife.
Deep down they’re really pitiful, relying on their cash,
They need some liberation, throw their problems in the trash.
We need to set a standard, how much property’s enough,
We can’t all live in mansions; some folks have it pretty rough.
The poor around the world, and in the good old USA,
Deserve to get a break, we need to find a better way.
The right to getting medicine, could be a place to start,
A gentle ear to listen, so a folk can heal a heart.
We need some new priorities, where peace is all the rage,
Start healing all the criminals, when safely in a cage.
It isn’t hard to picture, love is powerful and contagious,
Releasing them to hurt again, is really quite outrageous.
Victims know too well, the pain of getting hurt or beat,
It ought to be a simple thing, to walk down any street.
Folks around the world, they look and envy USA,
We need to start right here, we need to find a better way.
Then we can export it, show the world a brighter day.
Build a home for little orphans, a hotel for older folks,
Scouting for the kids, a merit badge for telling jokes.
But look out on the world a bit, some only want some food,
For us to get obese and not to care is really rude.
They need to speak their minds, without the fear of being shot,
Or practice their religion, and hang on to what they got.
The road to Peace and Justice, is a rough and rocky one,
We’ve come a long long way, but there’s a lot more to be done.
A little at a time or all at once like hundredth monkey,
We’ve got make a change because the statuesque is funky.  
By Bruce T. Duncanson

A Just Peace
To me a just type Peace, means everyone is treated fair,
We’ve money for the old and young, and time enough to care.
The lawyers work pro-bono, when a person’s treated wrong,
And cops, who watch a protest, feel compelled to join the song.
A just peace is a lasting peace; all laws are tried and true,
No group’s above another, everyone looks out for you.
Public people campaigns, get the same to advertise,
And lobbyists get other jobs, so that citizens advise.
The doctors are not overworked, and don’t get sued as much,
Our national insurance lets us all get doctors touch.
The tax code would be simple, more ya make, the more ya pay,
The environment that gives us life, would be allowed to stay.
By Bruce T. Duncanson

America’s Ills
America the beautiful, I see you in such pain
Your poor and homeless people want to get out of the rain.
They want to get a job; they want to get up off the drugs
They want to sleep on more than just a pile of old rugs.
It isn’t hard to get there, lose a bet or lose a job,
It isn’t hard to fathom, why some folks would turn to rob.
Some people gamble way too much, and then they lose it all,
Betting on the payoff, not imagining the fall.
You’re free here in America to fall flat on your face,
But don’t stay down there too long, you are not a hopeless case.
We see them in the parks among the benches on the trail,
We wonder if it’s their fault or did our great system fail.
A factory team got axed, a dozen people out of work,
An office just got downsized and they even took the perk.
The self-employed homeowner made some bad decisions when,
They took on extra help and that was one too many men.
I don’t have all the answers, what I have is grave concern,
I’ve been there once myself, I know how cold the streets can turn.
I didn’t want a handout with conditions on my life,
I wanted all my freedom, but I didn’t want the strife.
I finally found the job that helped me get a place indoors,
A job I can agree with, not a job that really bores.
It doesn’t take much thinking but I think an awful lot,
It keeps me off the street and gives me all the things I got.
It wasn’t just the job, though that was quite an awful lot,
I had to come to terms here with the brain disease I got.
I was more than idealistic; I was clinically quite off,
They tried to treat me sooner; all I did was laugh or cough.
I thought I’d make a statement, hit the streets and save the world,
The weeks turned into months and all my wits were all unfurled.
I battled with the Devil, in my mind, and on the street,
I blew him from the waters, I thought that was pretty neat.
I still show him who’s boss but then I also take a pill,
I wonder how to reach out to the folks who still are ill.
America don’t let me down, let’s be the free and brave,
Let’s take a closer look at those who don’t want to behave.
They might be someone’s Uncle or a Nephew or a Cuz,
They’re more than an assignment or a successful life that was.
They probably care a lot, but they don’t know quite where to start,
I know they have a Mother and I know they have a heart.
They aren’t all mean and scary some are timid as a lamb,
They’re out there and they’re hurting, let us ask the great I AM.
God knows their intentions, what they really want to do,
He’s looking at our time on earth; it’s up to me and you.
Perhaps a concrete cabin with a stainless steel john,
With groups to help and coax a lot the sicker ones along.
A heater when the bed is used, or timed for just an hour,
A fridge that can be hosed out, if the persons milk goes sour.
It wouldn’t take too much to help them up and stabilize,
It isn’t all that much when you have looked into their eyes.
By Bruce T. Duncanson

Agent 97
Ninety Seven with a vision, this is how I see it now,
Machines have made life easy; we don't walk behind a plow.
We've got the time to socialize, and see which end is up,
Our networks keep us posted, what to drive and where to sup.
Let's start a revolution, helping people just for fun,
Let tears and smiles pay the bill, save children on the run.
Give mentally ill homeless folks, a space to sit and breath,
A fortress in the city, with compassion up its sleeve.
They'll probably help, as they were helped, and spread the good around,
Infesting folk's with peace, goodwill, and Happy Joyful sound.
A chain reaction cluster love, with ripples spewing forth,
Encouraging the multitudes, from south, east, west, and north.
By Bruce T. Duncanson