IF there are Mean, Hate-full, Selfish people, we need to
be Kind, Loving, Generous people>TO THE MAX!!!

                The Opposite of War
 “Waging Peace at Wars Pace” is The Opposite of War. I have found
that getting my arms around the idea of Waging Peace is to look for
opposites. The opposite of the Iraq Prison fiasco would be a very good
thing indeed. It would be a number of people getting so much Love
through medical care, education, entertainment and family needs, that
when they got out they would be pushing the United States agenda
harder than anyone. It seems like the resolve is the only thing we need
to pull it off. The qualified people are out there just waiting. There are a
lot of people who thrive on sharing Love. It’s just a matter of pulling
them together and getting them on the same page and drawing up a
 If the world set it’s mind on World Peace there would be so much
good news that the media would be beside themselves trying to cover
it all. As impossible as world peace might sound the first step is to
imagine it. The second step is to find peace in the heart, create peace in
the mind and work for peace in the life. Working for peace in the locale
we find ourselves in, instantly affirms the impossible may be possible. I
can do my bit for peace and trust other good people are contributing
elsewhere and feel united, hopeful and at peace.
 Imagining peace is hard for some people who don’t think, greedy
people can be generous, angry people can share joy or jealous people
can be happy for someone else. It may be hard to stop the reasons why
it is impossible, from blocking the vision of world peace. I don’t need to
know how to land on Mars; there are scientists to see it through. I just
need to pay my taxes and hope. I need to believe my neighbor is
looking out for my welfare so I am friendly to him on the street. If I walk
around wanting the best for myself and others the mannerisms and
words from me will influence my little corner. If the people from me on
up to the movers and shakers were making decisions based on what’s
best for everyone, the world could get a whole lot more livable.
 Peace in the heart is helpful to imagining peace. I get peace in my
heart from my God and my peace of mind from many sources. I use my
mind to get me to the Peace with God in my heart. I call to mind His
working in the bible, my world and my life. I reassure myself with His
promises, values and rewards. I excitedly relax at His coincidences,
miracles and wisdom. When I feel the Peace that surpasses all
understanding, I have the Peace to deal with the world from a calm
heart. I can be mindful of when the peace fades and adjust my thinking
to encourage peace in my mind, creatively finding reasons not to get
impatient, demanding or angry. Running positive truisms across my
conflicts, I work toward an ongoing peaceful state of mind.   
 Working for peace can be the most rewarding, because it is outside
us. Being somewhat out of our control, our faith, thought, words,
hands, create what at one time was practically unthinkable. Projecting
our thought out into the future we use our body to create a world that is
better for someone other than ourselves.
 World Peace may be out of human reach in all honesty but the same
might have been said about driving a horseless carriage on the moon
when Columbus made his voyage of discovery in 1492 AD. The bible
says Jesus will return some day and bring peace for a thousand years
before the earth is no longer relevant. Peace was his gift to his
followers and Peace could be our gift to our children. Our peace could
never be as total as the one Jesus will bring, but we could, with some
hard work and determination, bring this planet a more just peace than it
is currently experiencing. I believe when Jesus gets here he will ask
what we have done for the least of our brothers and sisters.
 I am sure some will say the antichrist will be dressed as an Angel of
light promising world peace. (I want to make a good attempt at peace
for when My Savior Jesus the Christ returns.) With my accepting
people of all religions I appear to want one religion. (The important
thing is that we are kind. I am secure in my faith in Jesus and imagine
most people feel the same about their beliefs.)
 I think it could be a fun adventure at times and regular life mostly,
helping people with mental problems, find peace and security in a life
filled with work, friends and the God or not of their choosing.