After the Dust Settles(Draft)
Even before the TV cameras have given their last report on the status of the
former president and his cabinet at a Federal Penitentiary, many good
Americans will be needing comfort and consolation.  Learning that the
government has totally betrayed a sacred trust is a very hard pill to swallow.  
Angry and dejected, they will need to know how a person can be very mistrustful
and angry at the world and still be non- violent and loving.  “Told you so” should
be quickly followed by “Will you listen to me now?” where liberals can share how
they got through it the first time.  When I wondered if the world would work if I
didn’t believe in it.  How do you live like a patriot, when the people pulling the
strings are the enemy, is a skill of the heart.
My conversion was at age 17 when the Vietnam war was explained to me like
this.  We took over the war from the French who took it over from the Japanese.  
I was told the Vietnamese have been fighting for their freedom since way before
the US entered WW2.  I knew that if my country was occupied, me and mine
would fight on till they were out or I was dead.  I thought the people living in the
occuping country were responsible for the troop’s presence and that as a citizen
I hoped they would want their people home. If I lived in that country I know I would
do everything I could to get them out. I was very scared.  I wondered if they
would know I don’t trust them.  As crazy as it sounds, I actually thought they could
tell I was out of the, “I love my government” mindset.  I was very angry. Here was
my government, a system I had been so proud of, perpetuating the most
heinous activity known to man.  What else were they capable of I thought.  Was
the Vietnam war an isolated incident or would I find other evidence of wrong
doing like a very scary, evil, epiphany? I made it through the night and asked the
man who changed my mind, “but basically we have a good government don’t
we?”  He said the people are basically good but the government is chock full of,
under prosecuted corruption.
I asked for examples and was told about Oklahoma.  Oklahoma was to be a
reservation where all the Indians from out east were relocated.  People who
lived peaceable among the colonists were forced to relocate to Oklahoma so
white people could have their space.  This act of our government broke many
treaties and caused the dreadful “Trail of Tears.”  Most of them survived the trip
and they hoped for a decent life.  I’m sure they missed seeing the old sights and
gardening and hunting on lands their people had agreed with our government to
live on.  After a while Oklahoma started looking good, most Americans have
heard of the “Oklahoma Land Rush.” The Sooners were the bold people who
didn’t wait for the big star-studded event and staked out their claim sooner than
most people. Boy was I thrown for a loop.
I knew the letter carrier was a good person and that my grocer probably wanted
my best so I would come back for more food.  I mistrusted the police intensely.  
They had my address, could pull me over at any time and they have guns.  If they
knew how much contempt I was feeling for the government they would surely
want to lock me up.  I would almost lock someone up if I knew how angry they
were at me. It was years till I had met enough nice “Officers of the Law,” till I
realized that they don’t generally abuse their position.  Some even had as much
contempt for the government as I did.  They were Cops to serve and protect,
and respected free thought almost as much as me.  “Cops” is short for
“Christians on Patrol.” Good guys, with the eyes.
So we will need to comfort each other and do our best to root out the remnants
of Bushism for our penance and for our grandchildren  The more we uncover,
the more free we will be, the more secure our children will be and justice will be
served.  The cost of the Iraq war will need to be counted and I think whatever the
old testament remedy is called for?      Redpeacecross will administer this fund
to repay the many injustices people will find the United States has perpetrated,
once they break through the initial wall of “I can’t blindly trust my government.”
The extremely large figure is to be paid over a thousand years to insure the
Redpeacecross being around to help care for the country blindly paying back  it’
s debt for botching the worlds recovery.
Had we stopped at invading Afghanistan the world would be safer.  Having all
those troops available for security and reconstruction could have been an
example of, a plan of reconstruction and peace at it’s finest.  Although I know the
Bush administration would have botched the Afghanistan’s reconstruction as
World peace is a state of mind away.

Mental Hospital brain storm
Locate a structure in the middle of a block of houses, buy houses in the
surrounding area and put CB radios in all homes for security. A therapeutic
neighborhood of sorts. We could also have a unit to recover the belongings of
those newly committed to hospitals.(10-9-01)
If we select the safe, timid people we could have a great community.
Maybe have a cafe to hang out in, with an arts and crafts room.

Surrender and Win
Life from suicide                                        
Surrender when you have to, but just don’t give up the ship,
Stay inside the body, it will take you on a trip.

Peace Army Special Forces5
Finding suitable patients and helping street people will require us to pose as
same to build report to select those we want to take in, help them out in a day to
day way and more fully grasp the reality we hope to overcome. Street Scouts
will need to “waste” a lot of time about town to blend in, get in character and  be
available to the homeless.
Before we launch a hospital we need to be sure we know what hospitals are
like, how they function and what they need. An elite group with the proper
support could research the hospitals that are serving the public now. Through up
front research and infiltration we could get a real good idea of hospital life.
Teams of those familiar with being ill could get in to find out the brass tacks of
hospital life. While the agents are in the hospital we could ever so subtly help the
lost, confused and depressed. Our identities would need to remain a closely
guarded secret to do the most good for the patients and the least harm to the
staff. What we learn, who we help and what we do with our information  will
contribute to the next generation in mental hospitals.  
Some might think that to lie about being mentally ill is wrong. That to contrive a
pretend reality in order to help the mentally ill is playing God, manipulative and
opportunistic. I contend that mental illness is a grave condition that requires folk
to resort to any means necessary. People have created particle spliters,
vehicles to take us up in space or deep in the ocean, and fantasy places like
Disney Land and Las Vegas so why are we shy about exploring the organic
reality of mental dynamics. Some how people think it’s OK to Allow folk to
gamble, drink and eat as much as they want but we are above board when it
comes to reality creation and maintenance. Sure the real world is bigger than
any one of us, and requires awe and respect, or is it bigger than any one of us.
How many times has one person been the reality check that has made or
broken a life. How many times has a group of people deduced that another
group is “Bad” and used any means necessary to change or destroy them.
Many folk have bent over backwards to keep a child or loved one from knowing
awful truths about aspects of the world, their nationality or family history. People
on mental wards spend lots of time among the influences of the mentally ill, so
how wrong is it to have a “normal” person add positive words, healthy body
language and good vibes. Leaving the mentally ill to each other for hours at a
time is like getting folks with arthritis to build their own houses, work their own
garden or shovel their own snow. Sure they could build slowly, garden in short
shifts or shovel slowly but it would be a lot of painful moments, strung together
over many years, with no relief in sight. People are tough, malleable and love
oriented, why not love the ill, nudge them in positive ways and see them as
having something to contribute to our world. No successful athlete ever won by
being babied, ignored or lied to by they’re coach. Indifference, isolation and
inconsideration are poison to souls searching for a loving fulfilling place in the
world. The general public needs a group of committed folk  of the “the OK” to
back them up when things get tough mentally and emotionally.     
.        Getting folks to promote so we are free and notanybigger than life than we
have to be helping the mentally ill join a nice life. There is plenty to do w/ life/
encourage them humbly???????? ,   god is driving....... computer scouts,
prisoners teaching? half day school, after decompression time,! first test!!! 6.5
years away... test theories about ill assimilation (calling on former prisoners to
honor their position as guinea for those not blessed with sharp minds.)  on
prisoners who pay buku !!!!
Living in prision..........order of the _________.
The mentally ill pay well and don’t generally come with criminal issues...learn
hospital first and then help criminals.
Hospital Culture
The hospital will have peace commandos living on the unit to contribute to the
experience of the patients. Living on a unit will not be easy. Personal effects will
have to be kept to a minimum to reflect hospital circumstances. We may learn
what little a person needs, and what a person always needs. There identity
would not be a secret as they will be leaving everyday for work. While they are
away the day shift will help out the ill. Upon they’re return a brief of the days
events will be shared. Evening will have many new faces who had a busy day as
well, and can share the time with our patients. Commandos will be called
...............The Order of the Ink Blot..........we can learn a lot about patients by how
they relate/react to known freindlys. It would also be a great training ground. The
commissary will serve both types of residences and what ever card carrying
peace commando wants to come through the secure doors. A larger dinning
hall could serve ill and peace soldier for a healthy mixer three times a day and
be an efficent way to feed people.