There once was a woman named Annie

Who had trouble falling down on her kitchen floor

She washed it and waxed it and said she had class

But the poor little woman fell down on her floor again         

You know you worry about your car to much when
you turn down the radio to see if the muffler is louder

My Mother is a friend of mine, I love her quite a lot
She’s kept me out of jail, and she has helped me get off pot.
She read me books when I was young, The Farmer in the Dale
She caught me up when I would lie, or tell her a tall tale.
My Momma gave me rides a lot, when I had things to do
Before my kindergarten class, she helped me tie my shoe.
She bought a children’s Bible, so that I could know the Lord
And let me help with dinner, on a day that I was bored.