Redpeacecross Peace Army Mission Statement
The “Red Cross” of peace, serving the mentally ill.  “Waging Peace at
War’s Pace” means exploiting the opportunities afforded in an
environment of   “No War”, with the determination and urgency of an
army. Our tactical focus will be to develop mental hospitals and clinics,
rest homes, drug treatment centers, and correctional facilities, with
associated industries for occupational therapy, sheltered employment,
opportunities for self expression, and education. In the tradition of
Mother Teresa and missionaries the world over, Jesus will be our guide,
joy and satisfaction will be our reward, and simplicity will be our life
style. We will act when ready, with clear goals as a unified team in our
corner of the globe, to incrementally achieve world peace.  This will be
carried out by people built up emotionally, mentally, physically and
spiritually. Our intense school program, will develop the individual and
build bonds in the group that will serve to make them able to deal with
challenges and welcome the ill among us. We will also know in a first
hand way what it is like to be taught about our selves and grow at the
exponential rate the mind can achieve. We will learn first hand patience
for those of us not skilled mentally to grasp some concepts.