They are now pushing the Ciproflaxacin antibiotic so much as a
PROPHYLACTIC. This is so very dangerous. There are extreme side effects
of this drug. Giving it out also brings about a chance that those who use
it in this manner will be "antibiotic resistant". The antibiotic is a
devastation to all bacterium whether that be the one that is of determent
and those that are beneficial. These individuals will have immune systems
that are weaker than they are now due to their present poor diets, frequent
over the counter drug (as simple as aspirin and tylenal) and alcohol
comsumption. These folks are being set up for a real devistation from a
simple flu or cold, or even the exposure of recently DPT and MMR vaccinated

The Chickenpox Vaccine, that is being pushed to the children may become a
problem to their patents due to their failing immune system. The more wider
spectrum, the more intense the antibiotic is in shuting down the immune
systems natural responses to all viral and bacterial illness, (even those
for which the individual has previously had a perfect, and life long

What is being purposed below is to genetically change Anthrax to use it as a
medication for the disease and a vaccine against it contraction.. This will
open a Pandora's Box that will be a unbelievable. This is taking a disease
that only effects us in certain ways that were simple to handle... And
before the Military Grade Biological Lab made the form of which did not
effect the lungs at all.... to a disease caused by vaccine that will expose
us all to previeously inocuous animals such as mice or rabbits or dogs and
cats. We live with these animals everyday...some of them in our
homes...What other disease will be "jumping genes" from these pets and
household pests to humans? Is this the set up for the next PLAGUE? I
really wonder.... ( Is this from Litton Bionetics?..... maybe?)

Phyllis Georgic