This is a reprint from an archive that I found on the internet under a "google search"
of my name.  I feel since many of you did not know me in 2001, I will send this off to
you.  Even though we don't hear about Anthrax or Smallpox in the current news
reports, there are still many problems that are associated with the vaccines and the
Cipro that was used 5 years ago.  I hope that you find it informative.

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Before you go out there to purchase all of these doses of Cipro and other
drugs that have been orchestrated to be the "saving grace of humanity" in
the face of Bioterrorism, may I suggest that you all read a copy of Dr. Len
G. Horowitz's latest offering "DEATH IN THE AIR" which can be ordered online
at .  (I am not sure if Len still has the tetehedron address at this
point in time.  I would just do a "google search" under his name to check him out.)

Also there are a several homeopathic remedies that  can be used for every disease
out there and any that "MAN" can make that boost the immune system
without any danger of overdosing or adverse side effects. One of those
remedies for Smallpox is Thuja. I would suggest that you get some
information from your homeopath as to how to administer this remedy for
yourself, your family, friends and pets.

Mega doses of even something like Vitamin C can actually cause the immune
system to become dependent on this as it would a drug. Thus,
1.) the need of higher and higher doses would be necessary in order to keep
the person safe from disease; (with the problems that will insue, the
continuous need for more and high amounts of the vitamins will soon deplete
the supply quickly).
2.) Protection with the uses of Vitamin C will not insure continued and
permanent immunity to all or any of the diseases;
3.) Eventually the Vitamin C will not longer protect the immune system, but
will act like a dam that is cracking under the pressure of the water flowing
toward it and will bring about the deterioration of the bone marrow (the
birth place of the white blood cells that protect the individual from
disease and death).
Therefore, Vitamin C is a very poor answer to the coming disaster if and
when it comes.  I am not saying the Vitamin C is not good for you.  I am saying that
there are better choices for curing these diseases then mega doses of vitamins and
nutritionals.  Many times these supplements are filling you with materials that your
body cannot absorb.  Not because they are unnecessary or unimportant, but
because your body's chemistry is "out of balance".  This "misharmony" causes
absorption difficulties.  Harmonize the chemistry and the body knows how to absorb
nutriants,.... and they don't have to be "MEGA" doses to do so.

I have recently spoken on the subject of chemical and biological infectious
diseases. I lectured for about 4 and a half hours on the subject of
Smallpox, Anthrax, Ebola, Botulism, Plague, Influenza/West Nile Virus and
the Hong Kong Chicken Influenza Virus (i.e. "Bird Flu") as well as Radiation burns,
poisonings, typhoid, yellow fever and many other diseases. For any of you
who wish a copy of this information, I would be happy to share it with
anyone who wishes it. It is available on audio tape for $50.

May I suggest that you all look into the options of the uses of homeopathy
for short and long term uses to bring about cures for disease and to harmonize your
systems in their emotional, physical and mental states of being.

Take care all,