Why Center Around a Mental Hospital
The world is a complicated place and I think that to focus on the mind / emotions
will heal the Earth and it’s / her people in a general and lasting manner. Six
percent of Earthlings have mental problems. Many issues are important to our
survival / prosperity as a people and I have decided to approach mental illness
because of my first hand experience with mental / emotional issues. The tools
needed for this type of industry are generally teachable. Individual gifts and
experiences can be enhanced / shared with the other Peace Commandos in the
basic training, creating strong friendships among healing people that translates
into a healing environment for the troubled to grow strong in. Besides having a
top notch Hospital we will create / partner in sheltered employment, housing and
recreation. I hope to create a system that the insured and uninsured alike will
seek when times get tough. Approaching this corner of the big picture with gusto,
imagination, and sincerity is a tall order but then so is the feat of driving an
electric car on the Moon. I have determined that the struggle is worth the prize of
happy, productive and Loved individuals, who, if we do our job right, will work on
issues they are interested in to make the World an even better place.   
How Our Hospital Network is Better
Our hospital from intake to final reunion with the larger community will be staffed
with people who have been through an intensive self discovery / self improvement
regimen. (Outlined in Peace Army Training) The patients we think are ready, will
go through a modified version of the staff training.  Many new patients will be
found on the streets by methods to determine those likely to help themselves,
others, and to be a joy to know. Eventually we will mix in referrals from Doctors
and the courts. From the get go they will be treated like the visiting dignitaries
they are, to establish trust, build friendship, and convey the love that’s needed
for anyone’s whole healing. Assessment will take place in a large room with staff
from all disciplines to show the patient how serious we are to help and to let staff
talk around many ideas about the person. (Brain Storm about Bob) Herbs,
Vitamins, and Diet will be employed whenever possible as well as meds. and
exercise to treat peoples illnesses. Each patient will have a “Best Buddy.” Staff
from Janitor to Administrator will be assigned a patient, to be their advocate /
friend. All media will be tailored to have a positive impact on the people we have
decided to help. There will be some free time but teaching self help, self-
entertainment, self teaching and grooming will occupy much of their time. Being
productive will be fostered through crafts, industrial arts and simple jobs that pay
money. We will have fun group activities to aid in socialization. We will offer safe
challenges to draw people out of themselves into the now, where new realities
can begin. When a person is ready to leave they will have the options of group
homes, clustered semi monitored housing, and full independence with out patient
services available.
I hope to come up with programs for military people to decompress and readjust
to civilian life. (Pax Corps.) I would also like to help former inmates join the larger
community. (Free Scouts) We could even come up with a voluntary program for
folks who want structure in their lives, but for one reason or another aren’t ready
for the military. (Earth Scouts) Building homes, remodeling, maintenance,
furnishing and decorating. (House Scouts) Vehicle repair and maintenance. (Auto
Scouts)  Someday we could have a traveling work crew that does harvesting and
canning food, planting trees, gathering wood and landscaping. (Ag Scouts) Folks
who do cleanup, recycling, and painting. (Eco Scouts)  We could even come up
with a program for those on the quest of actualization that don’t want to specialize
in mental health. (World Scouts) The world needs a program to teach parenting
skills and be parents to all the orphans in this country and around the world.
(Parent Scouts) What about a place where people could go on vacation and pay
to help us out six hours a day and learn two hours a day and be away from their
routine amongst good folks, in rural or urban locations. (Freedom Land)
Keep in mind that these ministries would be primarily to A. Give meaningful
employment to people. B. Help people with different needs we can fulfill. C. As St.
Francis put it “Preach the gospel always, and when necessary use words.” These
Scouts can work together backing each other up as the situation calls for.      
This all sounds like a lot of work, but I want for our patients the Helen Keller
transformation or as much of it as is humanly possible with Gods help. I have
come a long way with Love, Support, Education, Imagination and Steady
Employment I don’t “Dread” showing up for. Expanded to the rest of the planet we
could make a world of difference. There is an old Jewish proverb “Save one
person and you have saved a world” I would add, “When a person is saved, you
add to all the lives they are connected to.”  I believe healing mental and
emotional wounds could be a fascinating “Growth Industry”. Hiring Doctors,
Therapists, Instructors, and taking shut-ins out for fun stuff would stimulate the
economy, reduce crime and lead to a world where terrorists have no discontented
public from which to draw.   

Gifted Good Warriors
There’s loving people everywhere, I’ve met my share in life,
They let you cry your heart out, walk beside you through your strife.
Some folks just know the questions, that bring answers to your mind,
Or have a loving presence, that exudes this person’s kind.
I don’t know how they got that way; their stories vary widely,
I just know I feel better, when the person is beside me.
They make a dreary day, a grand occasion to remember,
I go from feeling lonely, to a welcome charter member.
A simple cup of coffee, or a soda, or a beer,
When shared with a kind person, pulls out talk that is sincere.
We talk about the family, or our feelings, or our plight,
And when the give and take is good, we stay up half the night.
They give me little insights, with a compliment or two,
And seem to say in words and nods, I like the special you.
Out on the street it’s different, special people have a look,
The smile with their eyes, can sometimes tell me half a book.
I see them through my day, conveying ”Life will be alright.”  
They seem to say “I’m loving, every person in my sight.”
“Here let me hold the door for you, I’ll tell you now the time.”
“I’ll watch your stuff while you’re away, together we stop crime.”
I look for them and smile back; together life is grand,
Like life is one big concert, we are all of one big band.
We each can play an instrument; no two sounds are alike,
“The way you chimed right in there, made me glad you had a mike.”
“Your voice sounded just like you, and your thoughts are right on track,”
I’d like to hear it all again, but time can not turn back.
So we’ll just go on being, feeling joy now and again,
Many hands make short work; many minds can make a friend.
“What are your troubles tell me, get the pain off of your chest,”
“And put it in perspective, so we all can get some rest.”
The gifted people sympathize, and let me cry till through,
Then wipe away the tears, and kindly say “Dear I Love You.”
When someone is enslaved, then no one truly can be free,
Emotions can control us; special people help me see.
A way to think my own self out, or just to call it home,
It’s all inside the attitude; I’m me where ever I roam.
Those special peace type warriors, everywhere, in every land,
Are eager with a smile, or a word, or with a hand.
I don’t know if they’re born that way, or added to their life,
They ask for nothing in return, they enjoy ending strife.
At night they probably sleep real sound, with all the good they’ve done,
Look forward to the challenges, which come up with the sun.
Those strife destroying warriors, of all faiths and colors too,
Are out there just to help the folk, the needy me and you.
I’m one of them at times, I lend a hand and lend an ear,
I know the joy of seeing, distant smiles draw real near.
I wouldn’t have the skills I have, without my being taught,
It’s something to experience, it truly can’t be bought.
By Bruce T. Duncanson

Accepting Folks
Accepting folks for who they are, is where the process starts,
I’m less concerned with how they look, than what’s inside their hearts.
The heart is the barometer, of what you can expect,
The words they use, the tone of voice, will help you to detect,
A heart that’s got a skin of pain, surrounding one of joy,
Or else the heart of an old man, that wants to be a boy.
We all have got our foibles, or a habit, folks don’t like,
We all have got a problem, which the devil wants to strike.
We need to move on past the place, where we are always right,
If we aren’t more accepting, we will always want to fight.
There are some things we can’t abide, but they are far and few,
It’s great to share a meal, with a Muslim or a Jew.
A Catholic with a Protestant, is strange in Ireland,
We all can get along, if we refuse to raise a hand.
Some folks aren’t big on hygiene; other people like to cuss,
I say nobody’s perfect; we are all a part of us.
I have some friends, who use God’s name, like it’s an expletive,
I tell them once that I don’t like it, then I constantly forgive.
They’re basically great people, but we don’t see eye to eye,
On what it means to use a word, it doesn’t make me cry.
They’re kinder than most people, so I look at their fine hearts,
And celebrate they’re company, and ditch the heavy cart.
The cart of I am always right, you must see things my way,
I know the Lord much better, you are wrong and I won’t play.
I heard it from my Dad, and he is always always right,
And if you look the wrong way, we are surely going to fight.
We need to move past arguments, agree on things held dear,
Like kids and Gramps and voting, giving time to shed a tear.
Some folks aren’t so good at math, but they can sing so very good,
I’d like to make safe space for all; I’d do it if I could.
A place to show their colors off, and let them really bloom,
A space where they can be their best, it’s much more than a room.
A freedom land like these here States, where rich and poor alike,
Can go up in the mountains, or the woods, and take a hike.
Or saunter down the boulevard; greet people as they go,
Inside us all folks know it, we need watering to grow.
With everyone accepting, mental illness will subside,
At least it is a starting point, no longer will they hide.
I want to be my best; I think that God would want the same,
If I just hide my vision, I will be the one to blame.
I’m full of good intentions, for the world I want the best,
Right now I have a common job, put thought systems to test.
I need to be a nice guy here; most everyone’s my boss,
It keeps me spry and humble, so I gently tote my cross.
I compromise on clothing and I compromise on hair,
I fiercely do defend the dream, to really really care.
The sixties were a starting point, to being free in thought,
The new millennium is here; let’s see how free we got.
By Bruce T. Duncanson

America Can Do It
America can do it, we have folks from every race,
We’re comprised of all religions, we have folks from every place.
We can make the world a better place, together we can’t lose,
To put all our backs into it, a path that we can choose.
Each one contains an answer, everybody has a gift,
More than just arriving, we should give the world a lift.
What goes around, will come around, do what “you’d” have done to you.
We’re family on this planet Earth, say “Lord Wait!, we’re not quite through.”
We can make things a sight better, I don’t need that new T.V.
Give it to that poor old woman, who is thankful just to see.
By Bruce T. Duncanson

Happy People Revolt!
If you’re Happy and ya know it, do some good,
We’d all make the world much better, if we could,
If you’re happy and ya know it, then your works will surly show it,
If you’re happy and ya know it, do some good.

We have time at our disposal, use it well,
There are people on this planet, living hell,
It’s a real gigantic problem, will we let them beat and rob them?
Time is up, we have it made here, can you tell?

You can whistle while you work, to serve the Lord,
Satisfaction, peace of mind, is a reward,
If you’re happy serving Jesus, take your hat off, roll your sleeves up,
There is really no good reason to be bored.

Friendly people make the system hum along,
We have all come with a purpose and a song,
Rise and shine you happy goodnics, show the world how you get your kicks,
When you’re helping people, how can you go wrong?

Does your dream consist of helping other folks?
Is it easier to work hard, if there’s jokes?
If you don’t mind getting sweaty, being fed homemade spaghetti,
You would probably like Peace Army kind of folks.

If we put our minds together with resolve,
There is hardly any problem we can’t solve,
Let the neurons find new pathways, let the planet see its best days,
We’re a species with a brain, we can evolve.

One and one is two, and two and two are four,
Add it up; there is no further need for war,
We can talk and stand for freedom, we have soldiers if we need’m,
Winning peace can last much longer than before.

As a last resort I will put up my dukes,
This here planet has some very scary kooks,
I am into live and let live, but there’s just so much ground I’ll give,
Everyday I pray we don’t bring out the nukes.

So let’s rally round ideas like peace and love,
Get the eagle taking lessons from the dove,
We are thee creators children, we have answers somewhere within,
I will back the poor, when pushing comes to shove.
By Bruce T. Duncanson   

Smile Technology
They say smiling releases hormones that make a body happy.
So I fake smile to release hormones, and then it occurs to me,
Fake smiling while driving, now that’s funny.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and the body
doesn’t know the difference between a real laugh and a fake
one. In India they have over 600 laugh clubs where they
fake laugh at each other until they are really laughing.
They even have groups in prisons to ease tensions.

If We Can…
Optical cables carry voicecalls and internet and regular people use them with
ease:  Let’s try to chart thought routes, both software and hardware and engage
in activities to improve them.

Heart ailment recovery often includes electronically monitored exercise overseen
by one or more doctors:  
Interacting with people, places and things may prove therapeutic to the brain
harboring our mind/worldview.

Love Your Enemy or Suffer
I watched book TV one morning and caught a woman from the Navy talking about
what they have learned about a soldier or sailor’s mind set. They found that
military personnel who respect their enemy and feel bad about killing them, do
better when returning home than personnel who demonize their enemy.
Personnel who realize the enemy is just doing what Their leaders are telling them
to do, grieve a little each time they kill one, process a little at a time rather than all
at once when returning home. When the grief hits all at once it can be over
whelming. If the grief is not processed it can create problems with feelings,
thoughts and relationships. Also all life can be demoted to a less valuable place
in order to keep the original rational in place with pent up grief pressing. When
life is of less value, personnel may feel of less value and more prone to mental
In a day to day way, writing people off is all some of us have to deal with in our
jobs. I used to write people off for all kinds of reasons I now find trivial given the
depth, complexity and wealth of experience human beings are.
WE as Peace Warriors need to love our enemies so we can approach them and
heal them. People can feel love, sense concern and recoil from anger. If our
enemy thinks we are out to harm or condemn them, they will not let us close
enough to help them. If they do not get better they will run amuck in society,
leading to crime and hurt feelings. PAX CORPS. for returning soldiers.

Forgiveness is a gift; you give yourself and other folks
It turns heartache to peace, and raging anger into jokes.
It keeps the hurting party, from the space between your ears
And makes angels up in heaven, give a hundred thousand cheers.
Forgiveness keeps you free, from being bitter, hurt and mad
And lets you focus elsewhere, and get on with being glad.
Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive the other folks
A two way street with heaven, keep your feet out of the spokes.
So cruise on smoothly through this life, forgiveness is a key
Acceptance is it’s closest kin, we’re family you and me.
Accepting what is done, and then just getting on with life
Surfing over tribulation, and then wading through the strife.
We’re bound to get our feelings hurt, or get stepped on our toes
We need to keep our calm, so keep it steady as she goes.
By Bruce T. Duncanson