Finance, Business and Retirement
The Peace Army will be run by people who have been through the ranks. Pay will be
commensurate with experience, seniority and skill. (Except those belonging to the
Actours Guild see below) I believe in capitalism enough to know that pay will get a
person to work when the whole body is wanting to stay home and “do your own thing.”
We will save money in all endeavors because the ones at the top will not be making
obscene amounts of money for the same time expenditure. Ten percent of managers’
time needs to be spent in direct contact with the ill. We will be on the base line of the
National per capita income of $36K. Some will make more, many will make less.  My
formula of paying people three quarters of what their civilian counterparts make will
allow us to hire four for the price of three. With four people we can lighten the
workload, allowing for better care and give more people a role in making the world a
better place. It is my hope that people will want to work with us because of our high
standards, community atmosphere and personal awakening provided through the
training program. A lot of this is counting on many gifts from people who believe in this
Peace Army message.  We will work forty-four hours a week so as to provide coverage
on weekends to our responsibilities and demonstrate in a real way that we are going
the extra mile to help people. We will give work credit to people to spend time
socializing with an ill person or two.
We will initially be serving ourselves through our sheltered employment. This is to save
ourselves money, perfect our service on an understanding clientele and take the
pressure off those offering the service. We will make money offering mental health
services, occupational therapy, giving discounts to Peace Army folk and eventually
serving the general public. We are making a profit when, we break even, because, we
are generating employment and providing a service we want to provide.  I would like to
find a way to mix giving our services away to the poor and old, like a sort of hospital.
Selecting the free vs. paying customer will be the hard part. Hospitals have large
budgets and manage to effect real change whether a person has money or not. They
find out later. It will take a lot of people and give a lot of people a chance to contribute.
If we just charge what it costs to feed the crew a lunch as a base line we will
discourage abuse. Then we can flat-out give ourselves away sometimes. Other times
charging the going rate will be more appropriate. Landscape crews that give people an
active outside job, can maintain and fix up the environment such as over grown yards.
This is for exercise, a simple set of skills to learn and to see the fruits of their labor. No
working in the rain please!  On rain days we could paint home interiors for old, poor
and ill folks. If we can get enough of our people to out number those being helped I
think it will serve to deinstitutionalize people and give our staff a basically simple
physical task in which to center a therapeutic, growing life. I hope we own homes, offer
services, and feed people communally to save on wages yet deliver a superior quality
of life.     
Retirement will be fifteen hours work a week because we all need to be busy. We will
need to establish our own Cemetery because all soldiers do eventually die and we
would be remiss if we left out the final resting place of our bodies.         Jobs are Fun
This group will, after training, work in the larger community or with Peace Army and
give half or more of their wages to the Peace Army in exchange for communal meals,
inclusion in activities and vacations with the ill and homeless.
Actours Guild……Acting for God and or Personkind……on our Tour of Life  
Acts of the apostles...Chapter 2:44. And all the believers met together constantly and
shared everything they had. 45 They sold their possessions and shared the proceeds
with those in need. 46 They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes
for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity-47 all the
while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all the people. And each day the Lord
added to their group those who were being saved. The body is the Temple.
This group will get a weekly stipend and all needs met. Housing and transportation will
be the same as the mentally ill and homeless. Those giving up wealth will be
guaranteed ten percent to be returned if they leave.
Value Added
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you teach someone to fish they can
feed themselves for a lifetime. The power of one person helping another in the same
boat, is without parallel.  When we help people to get off the dole, be productive
members of society, instruct them to help others and empower them to live their
dreams we will inherently build a better world and strengthen the Peace Army.

Basic Business
We can provide sheltered employment such as occupational therapy, apprenticeships,
modified work environments, and on sight childcare. The Red Peace Cross could be
paid back 75% and the business would be worker owned, and the money could be
directed to other ministries. That’s a 25% gift because we like to create that type of
business. Occupational therapy would continue to have access to the work sight.
Biz Buzz
Businesses that break even, and help people.
10% to RPC… of sales?..future profits?…Investment?
10% energy savings to buyers
GOALS install panels…clean air… save power…employ
Annual picnic-Panels that year….Tons of pollutants prevented….folk employed
15 years turn profit? Higher energy costs..Lower cost of production:
Give half production away…sell rest at loss at rate to save customers. Ten % on
Guarantee Panels and install not structure

Apprenticeship, sheltered workshop, and transportation, we do it all, for the people,
GAS to TIRES to AIR. Half the workers are from  the Peace Army, half are folks working
a job keeping it real. The facility is set up by the Peace Army, Owned by the workers
after the no interest loan is paid back. One share of annual profit is given to Peace
Army forever to reinvest. Work hours, facility hours, shop rules, all democratically
decided from an initial "Franchise Model."
A coffee bar for them and us, 401K, insurance, retirement. June 23, 1998