A Brief History of Bruce T. Duncanson
My life started near the inner city where I remember my sister and I getting beatup by my
next door neighbor many times. He was ten, I was four and she was two, the crime was
being in his yard at his sisters’ invitation. I was raised on the suburban fringe of
Columbus, Ohio. At my new home the boys were my own age and Ben who had older
brothers showed me how to wrestle. We had many good times play fighting and playing
in the woods near our home. As time went on I became obsessed with fighting and the
military. History went from war to war. As a child I was taught wars were part of history
and there was nothing to do about them. Great inventions were born out of needs in
wars. Stealing lands, labor and resources gave the victor advantages that made the
world a better place, eventually. So I studied war and warfare as a child to be on top of
the great struggle to make the world a better place. I had wanted to join the army and
work my way up the ranks to become the General that would one-day lead an army to
victory and improve the world. I think I was a nice kid but I wouldn’t run from a fight that I
thought I could win. When I got older I didn’t need to fight but once or twice a year
because of my reputation. My parents were never pleased about the fights, even when I
was standing up for someone or an important principal.
I was generally well liked in the neighborhood, paperboy, altar boy, scout and older
brother to two sisters. We had many friends and many good times in the woods, the
pool, and around the neighborhood. I fell into cigarettes at thirteen, alcohol at fourteen
and marijuana soon after. Midway through the eleventh grade I had an “adolescence
adjustment reaction” and spent three weeks in a hospital. Of the guys I was friends with
in the eleventh grade I am the only one who didn’t serve a prison sentence. I dropped
out of school in the eleventh grade and was headed for the army to pursue my dream of
fighting for right, save some money and move to Canada to live in the woods. I missed
Vietnam by two years and was willing to go. My Mother had sent me to a rural service
community that helped juvenile delinquents and the mentally retarded the year before
and I was going to go back there once more as a summer volunteer, before I joined the
army.  Through all of this my Father had six hospitalizations for schizophrenia and Mom
managed to keep the home afloat
I was taught a different history of our world at Wolf Lake Refuge, from the common
person’s perspective. I learned the concepts of non-violence, community service and
world peace. From where the foot soldier stands, wars are a waste of life, time and
resources. Those in power want and those on the ground get it for them. First one
aggresses and one defends until defeated. Then the defender resists for years till the
aggressor is repelled or continues to resist for years and no one is happy.
Eventually I moved to Minneapolis to become the hippie mechanic I thought the
community needed. Being self sufficient on the road was also appealing. After several
years of learning, thinking and participating in the peace movement I came up with the
idea of a peace army. “WAGING PEACE at WARS PACE” I gave up work, family and
home to speak and listen for the peace army. I spent a lot of time talking to people about
life, religion and finance. I made myself interesting and welcome by coming up with new
aspects of the Peace Army. I did spot labor, slept in a wood shed and gave up having
preferences. I hitch hiked a bit and talked up the peace army and tried to be a bright
spot on the road. I learned from people of all religions with the main thought being “are
you kind, how do we make for a better world and what else can this soul teach me.” I got
involved deeply in practices of other religions always having faith in Jesus also. I found
that peace had been an elusive goal of all religions from the beginning of recorded
Through a twist of fate I ended up back in my hometown, at a mental hospital for five
weeks. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Besides taking medication regularly I realized
I had to quit listening for the voices and be logical about my beliefs. Stepping back I
looked at my values, beliefs and dreams anew. Recycling, world peace and looking out
for others might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Eventually I decided the Peace Army still
had merit and it was my responsibility to see it through. Also I didn’t want all the positive
exchanges I had had, to be empty air for a pot user to use in. I added the part about
helping the mentally ill. I went through a deliverance program at a church to rid me of the
occult connections. I added the strong Christian foundation with an eye to include those
of other religions. Most religions want for the same thing. AA and NA taught me many
new things about life and reaffirmed some old beliefs. I added helping those with drug
addictions. I later realized, since I had targeted the two thirds of the homeless population
I should open up to the remaining class of the homeless, those down on their luck.
After drifting through a few job situations I found meaningful steady employment, got a
computer, and began working on a book that would convey my vision of a better world. I
have reconnected with my many friends of many beliefs, made some new ones and still
judge a person by “are you kind.”

 Bruce’s Brief Theology
I believe in Jesus the divine/human son of God, Creator of all that is seen and unseen,
born of a virgin, who can forgive sins, and grant eternal life. I ask the Holy Spirit to guide
me in all my ways. I have had miracles and grand coincidences worked in my life to make
my faith rock solid. I pray every night, take in Christian media daily, occasionally I go to
church and seem to read the New Testament through once every three years. I try to
base my life on the thought “Jesus has given me a limited time here on the Earth, how
much better can I make it for the people who come after me.”
People from many religious persuasions have been good to me, given me wisdom and
reinforced my own beliefs by challenging me and sharing they’re version of my
philosophy. There is no way I can in good conscience say they are wrong not to believe
just like me. By the same token I have been disrespected, ignored, and given up on by
people who share my same faith in Jesus. People are people. We both have a lot to
teach each other about life, getting along and bringing peace to the Earth. After all isn’t
that the goal, “Peace on earth, good will toward men.” I believe Jesus will be here some
day and we are borrowing every minute to bring peace amongst the earth’s people.
Jesus will bring total peace some day but we are to try as much as we can to give him a
semblance of peace to work with. I can’t in good conscience condemn a person to hell
because they don’t believe just like me. So much has been written and told about the
afterlife by thoughtful, intelligent people that I have to concede that they may be OK
when they leave life. The bible says someone is led by the Lord to Jesus. Some folks
aren’t led by the Lord so who am I to doubt, distrust or hate them.  
I do want to share my faith with others and give others the peace, power and love I feel
from Jesus. I’m on the ground; I see things from the common person’s perspective and
feel the pain of the oppressed, downtrodden and forgotten. I believe in conversion
through example. Saint Francis said it best, “Preach the Gospel always, when necessary
use words.” I intend to show love to all I help. I will leave the converting by argument to
the professional evangelists. Jesus is scheduled to return “at a time you do not know.” I
believe the Bible is studied way too much by some. If those who know the Bible well,
would help in tangible ways those who don’t know the Bible, the world would be a better
place.  More might be interested in reading the bible, helping others and prayer might
still be in our schools.
Should prayer be allowed in our schools? By not allowing prayer in schools atheism is
promoted. The real question is, should prayer be led in schools. Are teachers qualified
to lead prayer in their own religion, let alone the religions of everyone in their class? Our
nation does have Christian roots, yet Thomas Jefferson made reference to God by using
the term “Laws of nature and nature’s God.”  He went on to say  “We hold these
TRUTHS to be self evident, that all MEN are created equal, that they are endowed by
there CREATOR with certain unalienable RIGHTS, that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY,
and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS, THAT to secure these RIGHTS, GOVERNMENTS are
instituted among MEN, deriving their just POWERS from their CONSENT of the
GOVERNED,….I believe we are a diverse nation of people who our founding Christian
fathers saw fit to be governed on a secular basis.
Civil disobedience has much biblical backing. Jesus was whisked away in the night to
avoid a governmental decree that all babies under two years of age were to be killed.
Jesus was crucified by the Roman government at the request of the Jewish Authorities in
part for his smartellic and contemptuous attitude toward those authorities. His other
criminal actions included healing on the Sabbath, equating himself with God, saying he
could forgive sins and saying he had a kingdom but not delivering. Paul demanded
justice from the civil authorities and was eventually killed for his efforts. Christians in
Rome were killed for meeting in secret, and professing their allegiance to Jesus and not
the emperor or other Roman deity.
Jesus spent lots of time caring for people in his ministry. He fed them, healed them,
befriended them and taught them for their salvation. He gave until it hurt. I believe we
need to give till it hurts a little. He said the poor would be with us always. We will always
have people to care for and add material to our home in heaven. It’s my belief that
“childlike faith” gets a Christian to heaven, and works determine the mansion, house or
quarters in heaven. Heaven is an eternity!
Generally speaking; Christianity is a religion of the heart, Buddhism of the mind, and
Yoga of the body. I follow my heart, and use my mind to direct my body to make life
better here on Earth.

Uncles and Dads at Darts
Got together with my buddies, we were all Uncles or Dads,
Been through the school of hard knocks, we are Honorary Grads.
Conversation round the dart board, pausing long enough for play,
Talk about our hopes and dreams, and talk about our day.
I was the beginner, winging darts with overhand,
Encouragement and guidance, got me throwing pretty grand.
The love amongst the players, was so thick that I could float,
I was privileged to be with some friends, a thinking man’s love boat.
How do we get the world at peace, what news do we believe?
Why is it true, it’s better for to give, than to receive?
What house is big enough for home, how new must be the car?
How many compromises and still stay the man we are?
We rattle off our numbers, just to get a pizza pie,
We strip ourselves of metal, if we want a chance to fly.
It’s welcome to reality, the only show to see,
Let’s talk about our different views, our different ways to be.
Some brush their teeth with soda; others use the Improved Crest,
With what we know of life, we walk between our good and best.
The game has got its strategy, like where is best to hit,
Pump the forearm, flick the wrist, and see the score ya get.
Good darts my friend, give me some skin, that’s quite the way to go,
Our team is well ahead, you threw the dart that made it so.
This game is quite a lot like life, take aim at what you seek,
Step up to the line my friend, no reason to be meek.
Is it sensible or rational, with half a chance of winning?
Will it really make me happy; will it really get me grinning?
What will I let go by, in my pursuit of the big dream?
How do the skills I’ve mastered, work into my master scheme?
My friends may help along the way, in ways that fit their style,
With friends walking beside me, I could walk five hundred miles.
My friends will do some things for me, I cannot do alone,
Conveying observations, of my manner or my tone.
So what’s the trouble buddy, let me know and let it out,
I’ve seen ya looking better, you’re run down without a doubt.
They’re in the good times also, dude you’re really on your game,
You really make the party, without you it’s not the same.
How did you pull it off my friend, you really know your stuff,
I would have stopped a while back; your half was quite enough.
We all have got our strong points, when we complement it’s great,
How did we get together, was it God or was it fate?
Whatever the mechanics, it is cause for celebration,
Honest thoughts in play with you, are truly liberation.
Abstractions batted round, become concrete with your opinion,
We validate each other; we are all each other’s minion.
It’s one for all and all for one, the Six Gray Musketeers,
We’ll meet again someday for darts, and share a couple beers.
Till then, with memories it tact, up building on my life,
A needed reparation, I could not get from my wife.
By Bruce T. Duncanson

Friendship sure is wonderful, it lightens any load,
The road is never long, when you are going to their abode.
Some friends are made-up on the spot, some others take much time,
Friendship may flow on endlessly, or stop right on a dime.
A friend cares just because your you, I like what you’re about,
I want you to succeed at all, I’ll help you on your route.
I want you to be happy, and to be your very best,
Or sit with you when you are down, or failed twice at a test.
You look like me in many ways, we’re part of each at times,
We think alike on many things, our conversation rhymes.
I think I know your view on this, I’ll ask it anyway,
I haven’t heard your view on that, what new thing will you say?
We do things that we like to do, we gather round together,
Agreeing something else is good, like sports or arts or weather.
The situation will dictate, how much of us we share,
To honestly want to be here, and want the person there.
I’ll do what it will take, to spend some free time here with you,
Or bring you pop and chicken soup, if your down with the flu.
I’ll share things I find valuable, if it will help you out,
It gives me pleasure helping you, we’re close without a doubt.
You know me better over time, sometimes it doesn’t last,
If that should happen, go in peace, I’ll find a different mast.
To help me fill my sails, and whisk me on through this here life,
The oceans of humanity, have pirates causing strife.
People we are scared of, or don’t like for being them,
Or folks who are against us, or would steal us like a gem.
To lock us well away, from a fulfilling, joyful life,
And act like it is funny, when we go through daily strife.
To take all we can offer, with no feeling of remorse,
Then shanghai someone else, or steer them far off of their course.
So friends are to be valued, whether good, or great, or grand,
And friends are too be found, in every sport and every land.
Good folks are to be found, and to be prayed for every day,
Jesus called them friends, when he was teaching them his way.
A friend who gave the ultimate, so we are better off,
He took the stripes for friends and kids, before his final cough.
Good friends are always there, and they will  go through thick and thin,
And tell you things about themselves, they wouldn’t tell their kin.
A quirk is just accepted, as a part of who they are,
And phone calls late at night, can have them jump into their car.
I’m here at your disposal, tell me how that I can help,
I know you’d do the same for me, if I should start to yelp.
We see each other through it all, and all in all it’s good,
Together life is bearable, we did the things we could.
To see the brighter side of it, or light a ways away,
Or hold them for good long cry, until a brighter day.
So friends they are invaluable, a cherished gift of life,
They let you have a damn good time, when it could have been strife.
By Bruce T. Duncanson        

Soldier of Christ
The modern Christian Soldier, needs a code to spread Gods will,
It needs to be dynamic, there are many hearts to fill.
An all inclusive love of God, that soaks into the soul,
A humble way of walking, say's we're sheep who share our wool.
Gratitude to conquer doubt, will keep us marching forward,
The shield of faith at ready, and the gospel as our sword.
A zest for helping people, yellow, red, or black or white,
We must strive to help each other; it may mean we pray all night.
God is real and so is Christ, the Holy Spirit too.
We, must pass on all the love, to those who follow me and you.
To want to do God's will I think, means do the next right thing,
The little voice inside us, needs a nudge to really sing.
It isn't always easy, serving God through thick and thin,
Keep on chanting Hallelujah, be a soldier strive to win!
By Bruce T. Duncanson

All Better
Exiting a funky time, I wandered through the dark for days,
The skies were dark and cloudy, and my soul was in a haze.
My problems seemed gigantic, without hope to overcome,
I thought I was a failure, and a hypo critic bum.
Peace for me and loved ones, seemed a million miles away,
I want us to stop hurting, and I want it right away.
Praying helped me out a bit, and talking helped some more
I got things in perspective; I could ditch my little war.
I needn't be combative, in the thinking of my life,
Grace can help me through it; two percent of life is strife.
A very small percentage, but a factor none the less,
I must recall the good times, when I think my life's a mess.
I have it pretty good I think, with shelter and a job,
Clean clothes and brand new tennis shoes, when hurting I can sob.
I feel a lot of joy, when life is smiling down on me,
My family and my friends are cool, and help me out for free.
I'll head out on vacation, to the land of many lakes,
And visit with my friends there, Life is great for goodness sakes.
By Bruce T. Duncanson
They say I clean up good