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This page is for the currant state of,
The Peace Army for Mental Health.
Dr. Robert Ray Hill (Bob)>Tells his story of his time in Iraq. He can be
reached at "Dr. Robert Ray Hill" <> OR
His (R.R.H.)Geo-Citys page HERE

Send around the World>>>URGENT Message>Troops don't
leave us. We need you here. The Neocon/PNACs seek to deploy
each and every armed services member into an unwinnable war
scenario. (an embedded army of 400,000 vs 200,000 visiting

Our troops will be somewhere halfway ‘round the world
and not be able to protect us from the likes of the Neocon/PNACs,
their private
armies of goons like
Blackwater USA and Dyncorps. With logistics
and support managed by the likes of
Halliburton and their Cost
Plus agreement with our New World Order Government. You
troops are going to be doing the "Turkey Drive" to Turkey because
the last planes out of Iraq will need cover. IE: Mercenary's to USA
for the likes of "Yours Truly."(Don't let them leave)
Neocon/PNACs hold
all the laws. YOU hold the guns. We activists LoVe You. We
NEED each other.

The TRUTH is
things are serious.
911 WAS an INSIDE JOB, That was when the
exposed themselves. "Dis informers and Enforcers"
Who were they?
How many of you agree it was then? How can it be
1 Documented. 2 Distributed and 3 Dealt with. 3 Ds of
Cspan 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are a given for the trials.

These Evil people seek to ruin our Noble Army and replace it with
felons and Juvenal delinquents.(Death, Dismemberment or PTSD)
Don't leave America or it will become Amerika.

We Support the Brave Actions of our Soldiers THUS FAR and
Encourage ALL Americans to come to the Aid of their Homeland
for the Sake of the World.

Scott Ritter (UNSCOM weapons inspecter/republican turned
peace activist) who was in town recently says Iraq is quieter
because Iraq is a series of armed camps sitting pretty because of
American supplies. Will they simultaneously turn on our troops,
leaving the United States defenseless against the foreign troops
ALREADY deployed here. Will Blackwater and KBR get out.

"Those who have the privilege to know, have the responsibility to
One part of the Revolution/Evolution against the Beast we ask you
to sew a New Flag to your uniform, the American flag that is the
RIGHT WAY (Stars on Left) with a personal symbol sewn on
below it. Get your flag keep it in your pocket, find a personal
SYMBOL and 9-10-08 (Eve of end of 7 years of Tribulation)have a
Sewing Circle.( She is a bit ramblie but has a sweet
heart, talking about the "Fabric Store" where she lives. This is just
the type person we want to get to a place of self actualization. and
this is the only video I could find under "sewing circle or quilting
bee". They are activities women share making quilts or clothing
esp. in days past, IE: community.)

It is my hope to apply the same Love and Concern we have for
civilian Mentally Ill folk, to our PTSD injured HEROs.

Dennis Kucinich is the only Presidential Candidate with a truly
sensible message.

Praying Hard>>>Peace LoVe and Justice, Peace General Bruce
As long as the Laws don't prevent me and then some,

You have a choice>Stay for America or walk into chopper blades
chanting PNAC, PNAC, PNAC! WE don't need any more Soldiers
Graves to Visit.

Thinking of a 12 step program for Peace Wagers!

Chris Stentz sings "A Prayer for Strenght"

TimZ: Iraqie/American sings>"There's a War goin on outside"

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