The purpose of the “Peace Army for Mental Health 501c3” is five fold:

A.        To make Mental Health an International Banner equal to the
task of creating World Peace. IF as they say, “It’s all in your head”
Mental Health deserves top billing in the hierarchy of medicine. We
think many Mentally Ill people are being relegated to prisons,
inadequate institutions and the fringes of society which keeps them
ill for all time. Further, we also believe many Mentally Ill people have
authentic God given gifts, the realization of which can create visions
of the future that move us toward domestic and world peace. This
reformation is not only for the betterment of the mentally ill but to any
person wanting better Mental Health and World Peace. This
movement further proclaims the urgency of individuals and societies
Unity of Body, Mind and Spirit. We will apply healing practices to
reinforce and implement the Unity we think is so necessary for full
healing. World Peace begins with Mental Peace.
B.        Research and develop procedures, therapies and ways of
looking at health to maximize healing.
C.        To provide holistic Mental Health training to trained and
untrained caring people, so they are more wholesome healing
individuals, and can better perform in their given area as individuals
and as a group. This is in response to the impersonal, detached and
sterile relationships that prevent the Mentally Ill from fully healing,
actualizing and getting their gifts out into the world. We believe
healing is more fully realized when a person finds and practices their
God given purpose.
D.        To provide employment, education, recreation, media and
living opportunities that nurture, support and celebrate the
individuals’ authentic self and talents, with the focus on health,
peace, truth and good clean fun as God would have it.
E.        To provide organization, resources and contacts for people to
make a positive change in the world and treat their “
Sensitivity Syndrome.” (Injustice Sensitivity Syndrome is a condition
where the injustices of the world are ever in the foreground of the
person’s consciousness. Untreated “Injustice Sensitivity Syndrome”
can cause depression, anger, apathy and delusions. The treatment for
“Injustice Sensitivity Syndrome” is working to make the world a
better place.)  

The projects for the “Peace Army for Mental Health” include:
1.        Hospitals, clinics, prisons and field teams.
2.        Schools, seminars, classes and meetings.
3.        Demonstrations, actions and campaigns.
4.        Using media for teaching, informing and entertaining.
5.        Employing, coop-employing and coordinating volunteers.
6.        Building, contracting to build and buying already existing
7.        Designing, manufacturing and selling products.
8.        Renewing people, places and things, for new lives, new uses
and resale.
9.        Growing, processing and selling food, medicine and beverages.