Thank you for considering a donation. (1-7-07)I work 4, 12hr days
driving 880 miles around town making pickups and deliveries and one
Peace Army (Monday) day plus Sat and Sun. That is better than last
year when the Peace Army days were Sat and Sun and still I worked
60hrs. I am highly motivated and have put much thought into this
endeavor. These are some dark days for many on the planet and the
PEACE ARMY for MENTAL HEALTH is committed to bringing LoVe,
Truth and Justice in the great measure Our Lord provides it in. Please
consider giving till it hurts, for the sake of those who do hurt. I am able
to work 4 days a week without donations. My SURGE will end , without
YOUR help.

If you want to give to a grass roots Christian Organization with many
non-christian friends, this is the place.

Look to my Goals page and see how many ideas I have been given!

Let me be YOUR Peace Army General. Give to the Peace Army with a
health care plan. These are tenuous times, so let's go all out to
preserve and improve what our fore Fathers gave us. God made this
planet, not the Illuminati. God is Love, show your love, do something
big, peaceful and Courageous. If not here, somewhere please...This
Nation has many Military Generals, we need Peace Generals to add
some balance.

I am looking for a "Fiscal agent" to help with me getting tax deductible
donations till I get my own
501c3 off the ground. I have a line on an
agency that will walk me through the process. (If I can just get the time
to walk) Basically I work, keep up with e-mail and participite in the local
peace and justice scene.

Thanks in Truth, in Christ and in LoVe, Peace General Bruce