Wage Peace @ War's Pace full time, Serving
"The Prince of PEACE"

Michelangelo once said “The Greater Danger is not that our
goals are too high and we
fail to reach them, it’s that they are to low and we do,”

Peace Army TV and Radio

Drive Out the Bush Regime

Indite, impeach, imprison

Stop the US War

Hand Counted Paper Ballots @ the Precinct

911 Treason seeing Justice

Help First Responders

Help returning TROOPS

FDA (most Govt. agencies) returned to pre-Bush regulations

Depleted Uranium

Write 2nd book out of half of 1st and lots of new ideas

Injustice Sensitivity Syndrome Meetings


Get non-profit status as Hospital and School and Church

Peace Army School Campus

Hospital and clinics

Megapaxplex in every major city.

Get non-profit status to run a prison

Planning for a Financed Future

Mental Health Mondays
Seeing to the needs of the mentally Challenged

9/11 Truth Tuesdays
Getting out the word with free DVDs and talk

Anti-War Wednesdays
Focusing on PEACE

Election Integrity Thursdays
Working to win Honest Elections

Peace Army furthering Fridays
Organizational and writing new BOOK

See the public Saturdays
Festivals and get togethers

Sundays with friends and family

OHIO network for Literature and DVDs

Advertise Mass Demonstrations in Daily and Weekly
Newspapers with large CLOUT giving adds

Canvas Neighborhoods with DVDs and Printed
Material for Donations and Truth

Thank You for Your Time   "PEACE NOW!!!"