Hopefully this type Inter-community House Cleaning will
be going on all over the world. Think globally act locally.
This is an attempt to clean up what I call “The Hippie
Illuminati.” Surly there is a Democrat, Republican,
Environmental, Governmental Illuminati (the Illuminati
Mentallity are everywhere, self serving cabals who
subvert, corrupt and dominate Noble Ideals, Institutions
and Communitys = posers). etc that needs to be trimmed
down or eliminated from time to time. I am a member of

Words are very important, sometimes we need to look at
the exact meaning of a word...market vs Coop.
Other times we need to look at their opposite...Opperation
Iraqi Freedom.
In our case the word coop is used only as a way to get
volunteers and attract a certain clientel.
Market is the opperative word used here knoting a private
enterprise run in a hierarcical manner.

Tadeet covers this topic of the Clintonville Community
Market-Unionizing effort very well BUT there are a few
things he has left out OR I will attempt to make more
clear. I am basically expounding on Tadeets points.

A. arbitrary manner that their concerns and issues have
been dealt with...Edward chooses the radio station (no
CDs) that is a 60s-70s music acceptable to most patrons
BUT the commercials are very creepy>A. Can’t get your
kid to obay you? Send for our guaranteed program blah
blah blah..

B. a good faith effort in working through these concerns...
Coop should mean the issue need not get this out of
hand BUT a small group of spirited young people needed
to make a stink. 2 years ago the community voted to let
Edward “TRY AGAIN.”

C. This claim by the CCM board of “neutrality” is not
backed by the reality of their decisions...Edward has
been virtually AWOL from the floor for the last week,
making his salerie? To bust the union. Union proponents
had to testifie on their own time. Loyal Market workers
were paid to testify.

D. There has been a long history of dysfunction
regarding the relationship between the management and
employees...Turn-over is costing the Market/Coop much
in terms of retraining trained workers.

E. when members are confronted with their own
ambivalence toward the actual practices of economic
democracy...There are many in the Columbus
hippie/progressive community who refuse to shop at
Edwards Market.

F. Why does the $.99 a gallon water run out and the $1.99
seem to always be available? Why stock $1.99 water at
Sincerly, PG Bruce