Presented here is 40% of the book which I spent 13 years
writing off and on. It is in 10 point font and has been
described as Brilliant and Very Creative by some readers.
I wrote it in a positive formate so I would not offend many
people. The Extra Button lists ALL the subjects I have
written about. Buttons below Extra are not in hard copy
book form yet.

Two clarifications> 1. I have come to believe that while
Occult practices like Palm Reading, Astrology and Tarot
Cards are to much information for ME, there are those
who I have met who can responsibly deal with them. It's
like guns, I don't own one but I think people should be
allowed to own them, some are responsible, some are
not. They are not the whole answer.

2. While I am Pro-life, I am Pro-choice when it comes to
abortion. I would not chose abortion, yet I can't decide
what a woman does with her bodily condition. Until our
society gives a good example and provides good
instruction this unfortunate solution is the most humane
for all concerned.
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