I believe the American Public was "Traumatically Hypnotized" on
9/11/01 by a 3 step process. 1. Horrible image. 2. The lie. 3.
Some reassuring statement, over and over. EXAMPLE> As the
buildings exploding to the ground was replayed again and again
we were told, “This is defiantly an act of terrorism, we will get
them. There must have been thousands of people in those
buildings, our first responders will get out the survivors. America
is under attack, the President will be addressing the nation
tonight at 6. That was the Shock, the Awe was grounding all
aircraft for four days. We were between a rock and a hard place,
put there by our own Government. The treatment is finding out
as much 911 truth as possible, seeing through the lie.

Truth is the Enemy of the Lie.

More people are waking up to this awful truth every day!

I appreciate your looking into this issue at all. It is a very painful
reality. Denial, anger at the truth bearer and panic are the issues
to overcome. Life will go on. There are more good people in
charge than not. They need our support and encouragement to
restore justice. There are Thousands of criminals at large...They
NEED to be kept away from MEDIA, COMPUTERS, GUNS,
LAWYERS, and GULLIBLE CITIZENS...if this is to overwhelming
for you "I am sorry, don't despair, mail will be delivered, electricity
will flow and TV will be broadcast. The gang will not give up
easily however, (the media is very much involved) and the
angle needs to be employed.

When I first
woke up to the reality of my governments evil
side I was fearful for two weeks that they knew and would arrest
me for contempt. It passed however and my new life on the bright
side has been improving year by year.

I was 42 Years old on September 11 2001. The
SHOCK (of seeing 2-110 story skyscrapers disintegrate in
a mushroom cloud of debris) and AWE (of grounding all aircraft)
hit our Nation Hard.

The whole world was for us. All Americans came together. I wrote
a 911 Poem that I was proud of until about May 2005.  I was so
busy fighting this unnecessary War that the significance escaped
me. In early July it hit me more. In early August I became upset.
A major crime is going on and I can not over look it. I hope to be
working for the Peace Army full time(911 education) and stop
working 60hrs at a job an enemy combatant like George Bush
could even do. They are all enemy without a state for what they
have done. (but I digress) I want them to be treated like traitors
with full Geneva Convention or US legal rights (defendants
choice). No Death penalty>Life in Prison next to the Bush
Crawford Ranch with the ranch serving as a HQ for staff.

It's time to revisit those times. If we take the upper hand by
Imprisoning the Govt and Commercial criminals, apologize for
making a awful mess out of Iraq, I believe we can secure the Intl.
Help we so desperately need in Iraq. WE broke it we should fix

I am now thoroughly convinced that the largest crime in
world history is in progress.

I believe there are more decent Americans, than murderous,
thieving and lying.
If 911 was an inside job that means the plan is years in the
making and they will not give up easy. We need an amnesty
program. For those who admit and apologize for misinformation
they loose they're job with 5 years prison time. For those
admitting to murder they get 20 years. For traitors who go to trial,
I think Life in Prison is safe and will give them time to get right
with an All Loving God they are enemies with.
God Bless America and America Bless the World.
The Nightmare is Ending as more Wake Up to this reality. It's a
new reality to some, but others have been living it since long
before George Bush was selected President.
 Lying to our
These people have been evil a long time and 9-11-01 is
they're greatest trick. It's over, The
Redpeacecross has been
about HELPING, THINKING dynamically for 25+ years. The rest
of this web site has many thoughts about how life could be if
military gusto was applied to PEACE!   

7-7-05 in London was an INSIDE JOB too.
This Poem is how I felt until 5-13-05

Nine One One
We had it here so good I think, before nine one and one,

The States are now the “super cop”, with mandate and a gun.

A lot of small explosions, have occurred around the world,

But that one was too much to take, and now the flag’s unfurled.

A lot of little pin pricks, in comparison to this,

The World Trade Center Towers, are just too darn big to miss.

They came against us hard and deep, and shook us to the core,

We saw how bad the bad guys are, got scared that they’d do more.

They ran into the Pentagon, in Washington DC,

Missed the White House widely, it was really hard to see.

Heroes’ over Keystone State, Americans at their best,

Osama didn't’t bargain on the cell phone news flash test.

The Firemen and Policemen ran to help the people out,

They risked their lives for strangers, modern saints without a doubt.

They ran into the peril, for to save our life and limb,

And now they’re with the Lord, who’s taking real good care of them.

So now we have declared a war, committing to a cause,

The terrorists have started it, and now they’ll see who’s boss.

We do a lot to help the world, and we will do some more,

But now the fight is to the death, Americans know War.

We finished World Wars One and Two, when pushing came to shove,

Our soldiers gave it all for peace, and for the God above.

We weren’t the ones who started it, but saw it to the end,

If there’s a conflict that is just, you know who you can send.

We’ll smoke them out of caves, and we will smoke them out of towns,

We’ll find them in the deserts, and we’ll listen for their sounds.

Track them on the Internet, and trace them on the phone,

See them in the darkest night, when they think they’re alone.

Together we can do it; honest people just can’t lose,

Together with the Muslims, with the Hindus, and the Jews.

We’re all God’s people basically, all longing for his peace,

We all enjoy a nephew, and we all enjoy a niece.

Some day we’ll all look back on this, and wonder why it took,

A World Trade Center tragedy, to make us stop and look.

At how we are alike, and how our differences are cool,

How poverty, in any land, is really very cruel.

The poor folks of the world, deserve a better kind of life,

A future they can dream on, free of envy, free of strife.

It isn’t really hard, if we just make it like a game,

Mother Earth is here for us; not something we can tame.

So buckle up your bootstraps, ‘cause the war has just begun,

I’ll do my best back home here, for the folks who tote a gun.

I’ll praise my Lord, and you praise yours, but we can share the road,

Just look around when tired, some good soul will share the load.

             By Bruce T. Duncanson September 11 2002