Our Fuhrer

Our Furor who lives in DC,

George Bush is thy name.

Thy war's begun, never to be done,

on EARTH as with most of HUMANITY.

Give us today, your daily lies,

and feed us our talking points,

so we can feed talking points, to those who know us.

And lead us not into REDEMPTION,

But abandon us to evil.

For thine is the Empire, the Dollar and the Terror.

From now till Whenever,
My Ass!

By Peace General Bruce 3-20-07 Cols,OH. USA was in the Powell, Ohio, Memorial
Day Parade. We were right behind a High school band
playing "God Bless America" and just ahead of a Girl
Scout troop. A GREAT time was had by all.
The forth anniversary of the war in Iraq provided a formate
for many Patriots to voice their opposition. I was asked to
not speak about 911 if I were to use the United for Peace
and Justice bull horn. I pretended I did and led with,
"We're up against some pretty evil people....PG Bruce
9/11 was an "Inside Job" for sure !
(To the tune of :If Your Happy and Ya Know it)

9/11 was for sure an Inside Job for sure, ( Yes for sure )
Facing down the truth and acting is the cure. (Truths the
It's the Neo-Cons who did it,
The Illuminati hid it,
Speaking out the Truth in Love will keep us Pure. (Keep
us Pure)

So how could those jets be lost an hour plus, (an hour
It's the War Games going on that made the muss, (such
a muss)
First they said the War Games hurt them,
Then they said the War Games helped them,
I'm so mad at them there liars i could cuss. (Please don't

There were people in two towers as they fell, (When they
They were planted with explosive I can tell, (I can tell)
They exploded down so swiftly,
That an Inside Job it must be,
It's the only day that fire did so well.(Only Day)

We were horrified to see the towers fall, (See them fall)
A grand snuff film that the networks gave us all, (Gave
us all)
In our shock, they said Osama,
Save your home and save your Momma,
We have Military might to save us all. (Save us All)

It's called Traumatic Hypnosis one and all, (One and All)
I was traumatized two weeks as I recall, (Like Us  All)
I was so mad at Osama,
That I even told my Momma,
I am so glad that Bush was in charge after all. (What a

I was sure Osama did it from the start, (From the start)
Now I see the way they fooled us was an art, (It's an Art)
Six years later there's no charges,
As the Iraq War enlarges,
Those who led us here have really got no Heart. (Got no

With the Patriot Act they took away our Rights, (Got no
And the politicians hardly put up fights, (Hardly Fights)
Then the Military Commissions Act,
Habius Corpus now is not a fact,
When will this madness end, I think it bites. (Yes it bites)

So let's get the truths out quickly, loud and strong,
(Loud and Strong)
When your on the side of right you can't go wrong,
(Can't go wrong)
First they mock you, then they hate you,
But you just do, what you must do,
Then they say they should have seen it all along! (All

First they mock you, then they hate you,
But you just do, what you must do,
Then they say they should have seen it all along! (For

BY: PG Bruce and The Radical 360s 2-19-08