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Established about 3-1983>>>OnLine 3-2004
Welcome to redpeacecross.com
Waging Peace @ War’s

Michelangelo once said “The Greater Danger is not that
our goals are too high and we
fail to reach them, it’s that they are to low and we do,�

Waging Peace @ War’s Pace,
Intro to "Peace Army for Mental Vitality" Concept, Peace
General Bruce>

Premise>I have unbounded wealth, what can I create to heal the world
by being Honest, Open and Courageous.

Letter from Ohio Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich>

Welcome to Redpeacecross.com. Our slogan is
"Waging Peace @ War's Pace" which means we Wage Peace with the
same determination, courage and goal orientedness as is utilized in
winning a war campaign. World Peace is the Goal. Non-violence is the

ARMY=Organized (loosely or tightly) group of people working with
every resource at their disposal to achieve a goal.

I spent my childhood planning to join the Army and become a General,
strategizing and fighting for Peace, Freedom and Justice. When I was
17 the "non-traditional" people got a hold of me and introduced me to
the peace movement. Four years later after the successful conclusion
of the "Nuclear Freeze Campaign" I said to myself, "We need a Peace
Army." Two days later I got the slogan. "Waging Peace at War's Pace"
I talked up the idea for four years till I came down with Schizophrenia.
They called me
General Alarm. After getting adjusted to this new reality
I decided to give the Peace Army a mental health focus. If "it's all in
your head" then "Mental Health is of Paramount Importance." Now
they call me
General Bruce.

The Peace Army's "Main Mission" is to start a
Mental Health Network
of professionals who have been through a
self development course to,
A. Make them more complete people and B. Give them a loving unity to
be passed onto those they help. We will blend in with they're
professional training the "insights" they learn at our school. We
believe this vitalized Healer force is necessary to fully heal the
mentally ill who are in many cases gifted individuals. We believe only
gifted healers can help them get their gifts out to bless the world in
ways unimaginable at this time. The mentally ill includes the 1 out of 3
veterans with

This may sound like a lot but a diagnosis I have discovered and my
personal passions necessitate that The Peace Army for Mental Vitality
be engaged fully in making our world a better place.

I am self diagnosed with a self described ailment called "
Sensitivity Syndrome." The Peace Army for Mental Vitality wants to
treat "Injustice Sensitivity Syndrome." (Being sensitive to and
debilitated by the injustices around us, the treatment is to work to
make the world a better place) We want to emphasize "
the vitalizing
effect" of working for justice. In other words, working for justice is a
therapy of sorts. This is a shotgun approach at fighting injustice. This
Syndrome first came to me as "
Injustice Myopia" with a 12 step
approach. The other areas the Peace Army deals with are tools to treat
this aliment and make the world secure enough for the mentally ill,
children and other living things. Things are so bad in the world
because many people have
"Injustice Euphoria."

SO...The "Peace Army for Mental Vitality" (but "Injustice Sensitivity"
Recoverers may expand) will concentrate on four areas 1. Being
sensitive to, healing and supportive of and finding the genius traits in
the mentally ill of our community. 2. Doing whatever is legal, moral and
possible to end War. 3.
Getting out the truth about NWO "The New
World Order" and NAU “ North American Union� which loosely
translates to
911truth. 4. Work for "Election Integrity" with the OEJC. 5.
Chemtrails too. These are made real NOW by my work HERE@LINK.

I have many BIG>

One of which is to start a 501c3

Please Check out My Book for much elaboration on these subjects.
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>>My most recent focus is>>OPERATION "INTEL"<<Click for details

Have any energy to lend>
Help Wanted

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I was sure The Peace Army for Mental Vitality was to stay in the
background as a safe haven for the mentally ill without opinions
outside mental health. Many factors, most notably the “Downing
Street Memo,� on top of Saddam's military being sent home armed
and unsupervised, (400,000 men more easily watched from towers w/
50 cal. Sentry's, than out amongst the population)(Abu-Ghraib has me
totally embarrassed and ashamed as an American)(Secret Prisons-
where people are held presumably for life is an absolute human
abomination)  led me to change how much I speak freely. 7-3-05

The discovery of the term “
Injustice Sensitivity Syndrome�has
also got me thinking, peace and justice is a mental health issue.

If it were not for the mass protests of the Depression Era the "New
Deal" would have never come about. If it were not for the peace
movement of the 60’s and 70’s we might still be making war on
Vietnam. When this WAR (Iraq) is stopped the Mobilization for peace
needs to be continued until WORLD PEACE is achieved. The people
who want injustice and war make money from it and work overtime to
achieve it, can we be any less motivated, determined, strategic, or
GOAL oriented. The Lords prayer sets the Standard "...Thy Kingdom
come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven..."

If you don't agree with my world view that is
perfectly alright
with me. The Pe
ace Army is big enough for
people with
differing views.
The Peace Army is primarily

concerned with the question, are you kind,

and can you show extra compassion for

people with mental illness?

"I may not like what you say, BUT I will defend to the death your right to
say it."
Redpeacecross.com - Peace Army of Mental Vitality - a Mental Health Liaison in every set of boots
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